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 Prongs's Stag-gering Plots
 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 10:08 AM


Captain Red Pen
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Played by: prongs

Hello all! Here lies the list of my characters, and (I hope) a whole bunch of different plotting shenanigans for them! I'm always down to plot anything, so don't hesitate to hit me with an idea!


-Dragon Candidate
-Pure trouble - can often be found setting up some trick or prank
-Has no qualms about persuading other people to help her with said tricks or pranks
-If you ask her to do anything that involves music, she will happily oblige
-Has one green firelizard, Eris, who is going to drive her insane. The phrase 'one day you'll have a child just like you' comes to mind in this situation.
-Makes friends as easily as she breathes. Seriously - she will try and make friends with anyone

Looking for:
-New friends, of course
-People who will help her with pranks/people who are willing to be pranked
-Interactions with people who want to turn her trickster ways into responsible-person ways


R'sol and Voroth
-Gruff, doesn't talk a whole lot
-Can be a sweetheart once you get to know him (still doesn't talk a whole lot)
-Likes to work with leather, even though he never officially apprenticed as a Tanner or anything
-Is social, sometimes, and usually pretty reluctantly.
-Takes his duties and his dragon really, really seriously.

-Loud, and brash, and fun
-Takes their duties just as seriously as his rider does
-Has no qualms about pushing R'sol into social situations
-Has a deep protective streak, and has a surprising temper for a dragon

Looking for:
-Friends. The man could use them, honestly
-Not romance
-Interactions with the other leaders of the Beta Wing (or any other wing)
-Interactions with the riders of Beta Wing
-Or anything else you want to throw at him!
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 10:30 PM


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Hiya Prongs!!

I have a new character, K’ven, who’s in Beta wing! He’s been there since the start and he probably knows R’sol. They should hang out or something ?

Also I feel like Jass and Ariel might get along well and even be friends.

Let me know what you think!
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