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 Fort Weyr, Where it all Began...
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 11:18 PM


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General Information

Less than one day upon runnerback from the valley of Fort Hold sits the first Weyr at the top of a beautiful mountain. Many stonemasons would argue that no other weyr is built as carefully or as skillfully as Fort Weyr (despite Telgar's exquisite masonry). Build to hold a maximum of five hundred dragons, the architectural style is full of grandeur. It is obvious that when excavating the hollowed volcano crater, the original inhabitants did their best to utilize the natural caverns to their benefit. The caverns are all high and rounded, their natural pillars a beauty in themselves. Fort Weyr boasts the largest Star Stones and Eye Rock in all of Pern.

When the Weyrs are all in harmony, the Weyrleaders generally meet at Fort. There is a beautifully appointed chamber known as the Council Room, dominated by an impressive table in the shape of a half-oval with seats for each of the original six Weyrleaders at the top and seats for visitors and others arranged at the opposite curve. Atop the table is a magnificent mosaic of semiprecious and precious stones and each of the chairs is ornately decorated with fancy carved seatbacks and arms and a sumptuously embroidered seat pad. Expansive wall tapestries decorate the room representing each of the original weyrs. These tapestries are Masterwork needlecaraft of the finest make, lavish, and beautifully made.

The Holds which live under the jurisdiction of Fort Weyr include:
    Fort Hold
    Southern Boll Hold
    Ruatha Hold
The People of Fort Weyr

Additional Information

Credits to Capricorn & Squidface for Fort Storyline, thanks to Cirrius for document inception, additional credits to & the DLG
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'Sirocco' based on Alpha 2.0 by gunblaza. Coded by Capricorn for Sirocco Weyr
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