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 April '18, ANNOUNCEMENT #23
 Posted: Apr 9 2018, 08:08 PM


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It is second winter - er - I mean SPRING!

IC we're starting Month 07 - Beginning of the Very Dry Season. See Calendar for More details.

Leadership Positions & Characters Wanted

Click below to show current Openings for Weyr Leadership & Other important Characters wanted! As always - we accept all characters indicated in the Guidelines for Accounts.

Major Plots & Recent Events

- Calling all wher candidates! Gold Erenvesk's Fanged Clutch is laid! Get your Wher Candidate Forms to Badgerigar for your chance at an egg. Remember: Wher Clutches are different from Dragon Clutches. In addition to submitting your form, you MUST contact Badgerigar to set up an "Egg Get" thread where your candidate petitions the Golden Wher (Erenvesk in this case) for an egg.

- Aves Weyrlings are Graduating (Officially on 514.07.30)! Please contact Zahhy if your characters intend to try joining on official wing other than Delta. Congrats to our new riders:
    Igraine & Bronze Phasinath
    C'lus & Brown Albath
    Sh'mil & Brown Muninnth
    Ry'er & Blue Olorth (Adoptable)
    A'sel & Green Caeleonoth
    T'ris & Green Colbrith
    D'na & Green Arath (Adoptable)
- Metal Weyrlings are now old enough to be mentoring the Umbrella Clutch Weyrlings. If you're looking for threads for either of your Weyrlings be sure to post here.

- Wherlings are going hunting! (Backdated quite a bit) Guard characters (And Wher Candidates) are welcome to join them. See their fun 514.03.08

Upcoming Clutches & Competitions

The Fanged Clutch
The Clutch has Arrived! Fancy viewer provided by Dag.

- This month's Adoptable Competition special is Weyrfolk! See details Here!

- Be sure to keep an eye out for when Erenvesk's Fanged Clutch Guessing Competition opens!

Site Updates

Lore Updates
As always feel free to help update our Worldbuilding forums into the Information & Lore section!
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