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 Some Questions
chocoholic bookworm
 Posted: Nov 20 2017, 01:05 PM

chocoholic bookworm

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I've been looking around for a few days now and...

First - Hello all.

Second to Crowfeet - I adore your dragon drawings and the colorings/markings are wonderful.

Third the questions. Ok so something put the need to write and play in Pern into my head a few weeks ago (no idea what). Now unfortunately where I usually play I don't think we have either the people or the interest (though just in case I'm letting my brain work on the setting concept anyway - the two I've mentioned it to might be interested but those are basically all there is anymore)and I want to play.

So I've an idea for a character but I could take it a couple different ways. (Either possibly ending up as a candidate for the next clutch - the easier way to work with what I have so far - or as a green rider already - love the markings on spring dream in the adoptable pics and the thought of adding some traits myself). I guess what I wondered was...

Are there any types you feel are needed or something you would prefer not to see at this time? Or is one option more preferred than the other?

Forum play is actually something I do semi regularly anymore as is live in room, and I can submit for sample posts from another setting I play in if you'd like. However I've never played with rolls or stats. And I don't do voice or video chat at all (too many people around in the house).
 Posted: Nov 20 2017, 01:51 PM


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Hello, and welcome Chocoholic Bookworm!

I'm glad you're enjoying Sirocco enough to consider writing a character!

To waylay some of your concerns: Rolls & Stats only affect Threadfighting and Store bought Firelizard Eggs. They all happen off-screen by me anyway! We don't do voice or video chat either, however our Slack Channel is a wonderful place for us to chat quickly and in separate rooms than our Cbox. It caters to helping everyone find details on the game, as well as making sure we only see what we are interested in seeing for chats!

We're open for a lot of things right now! First and foremost, I want you to make what you're comfortable making. Candidates are great, and the next clutch is planned for Feb/ March OOC so you wouldn't have to wait long.

Secondly, your idea of having a transferred greenrider is always welcome. They are the unsung heros of Pern and we love them! They can be from Igen and have quite a few acquaintances, or from another weyr entirely, as your preference.

However - right now we're on a super big Weyrling kick. They'll likely get the most play throughout the holiday, so I want to give you an option that we'll be adding to the rules. I'm updating them currently which is why I'm so glad you asked!

If you're interested in a green weyrling, you are welcome to submit to me the seed personalities of your green as a dragon from Rikeleth's most recent clutch. I'll finish her profile in the Metal Theme and you'll be able to jump right into the Weyrling Lessons and such with the rest of the players from that clutch.

I'm happy to work out whatever is best for you and whatever you're most interested in. We want you to have fun here and be inspired, no matter what style of play you like, is what we hope you'll do.
chocoholic bookworm
 Posted: Nov 20 2017, 07:04 PM

chocoholic bookworm

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I'll finish her up and post her in a day or two hopefully, just fleshing some bits out better and finding an image idea. (WooHoo I get to edit!) You'll all have to forgive me for being a bit rusty as things in public rooms and forum on the site (the forum was an extension of a private room that used to be on site) I play at are incredibly slow. Oddly due to the holidays I won't be the fastest responder, I work retail and I'm sure you've all been in a store at this time of year so I get home exhausted (added into a very erratic work schedule). There are other things that will make me slow or absent certain days but that isn't something that needs gotten into at this time.

I'll look up slack and see what that actually is, it sounds familiar and I assume its a messenger type service (the only one of which I use regularly is Skype) . And if you ever need a private place for people to do one on one or small group stuff that won't effect major plotlines I can always make a private password protected room on the site I use (user friendly as long as you don't use real time though occasionally down for maintenance).

And I'll go make an OOC account now.
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