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 May '18, ANNOUNCEMENT #24
 Posted: May 1 2018, 11:33 AM


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Hello again everyone! April went by so fast! Happy Mayday to all! Be sure to eat some cake today!

IC we're starting Month 09 - End of the Very Dry Season. See Calendar for More details.

Leadership Positions & Characters Wanted

Click below to show current Openings for Weyr Leadership & Other important Characters wanted! As always - we accept all characters indicated in the Guidelines for Accounts.

Major Plots & Recent Events

- Erenvesk's recent clutch was laid! Congratulations to all our new Wherlings:
    Miki & Misk
    Finlae & Laesk
    Iskra & Skrask
    Wynnthea & Thesk
- LAST CALL! Metal Weyrlings are now old enough to be mentoring the Umbrella Clutch Weyrlings. If you're looking for threads for either of your Weyrlings be sure to post here. We'll be posting the match-ups soon!
- Candidates are Racing and getting buff.

Upcoming Clutches & Competitions

Amber's First Clutch
Golden Firelizard Amber is soon to rise!

Rikeleth's Next Clutch
Satya and the other weyrleaders are noticing signs that Rikeleth is due to rise again. Efforts to gather candidates are once again underway. If you have a candidate please send Zahhy your Candidate Forms. You're always welcome to edit and resubmit your forms as we play - but the sooner I get them the easier it is to decide clutch details!

- This month's Adoptable Competition are Holdfolk! See details Here!

Site Updates

New Buttons
You may have noticed some shiny new buttons below in our footer. These help us keep Sirocco in high standings and helps us show up in searches for forums to get new players. I would like to give a super huge special thanks to everyone that helps vote and keeps us going, you're my heroes!

Rating Adjustment
After reviewing our documents I noticed that we never updated our 1-1-1 rating when we switched to Jcink Premium. Due to our guidelines, I've updated our rating to better follow what we've all been writing. I've updated the rating to 2-2-2 to better represent the type of game we play. This does not mean you are required to write at any level, please continue to write what you feel most comfortable with. Sirocco will remain open to all types of writing, this just means our rating gives new players a better understanding of what kind of writing we allow. Review the official guidelines in our Rules & Information.

Discord & Code of Conduct
To keep our community a safe and fun place, we'll be implementing a formal Code of Conduct when it comes to our OOC interaction. I've taken Capricorn's initial rules for Sirocco and used them as the basis for a Code of Conduct. This is to help represent what type of behavior we should expect to show within our community as well as the type of action you can expect from me (and other future admin/ staff). Review the official guidelines in our Rules & Information.

Immediate Changes you may Notice:
- Updated guidelines/descriptions for the Discord chat rooms.
- Removal of the #this-is-fine-aka-politics Discord chat room.
- A new NSFW Discord Channel. Visit this channel at your own discretion.
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