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 Special Delivery
 Posted: Apr 6 2018, 08:10 PM


The Ice Queen
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Played by: Prongs

It had taken time. A lot of time, honestly, but she had done it. The two garments before her looked beautiful even to her exacting, careful standards. She reached out and carefully brushed her fingers across the first scarf. The yarn she had found for it was a deep, almost black brown in color, and thin enough that it wouldn't be stifling in the heat. She'd made sure that the stitches she'd used were close enough to keep the scarf functional however - it wouldn't do much good as a face protector if it were wide open.

She'd chosen a pattern of intricate, delicate cables for this one - a silent statement that the person who wore it may not be flashy, but she was by no means simple. Scattered across the scarf were beads. But not just any beads - beads made of shell, and not just any shell, but golden shell with hints of silver glinting in it. Making those beads out of the shell pieces she'd scavenged had been a pain in her ass, but she had managed it. They looked like stars glinting in the darkness, scattered as they were, and she felt a momentary bolt of pride over it.

Her attention turned to the next scarf. This time she had chosen a knit pattern that looked almost lacy. It was still delicate, still close-knit, but it was intricate and complex. Almost like the lace jewelry its soon-to-be owner created. This time the shell beads had been arranged in a careful, specific way - they looked as though they were hiding in amongst the white yarn, ready and willing to prick unwary fingers. The beads also weren't hard to see, considering their stark black color was both emphasized and contrasted by the snow white yarn.

A brown firelizard cheeped at her, and she stopped looking over her work and rolled the first scarf up. The bundle was tied with a ribbon and held out to the flit, who took it and paid grave attention to his orders. "In and out without being seen," she said, her tone merely chilly as she spoke to her beloved brown. "Go on now."

He cheeped again, leapt into the air, and vanished, only to return a moment later to take the second bundle. The brown was back again in no time, his pleasure at having done the job well letting her know that he hadn't been spotted. Good. Perhaps they would guess, perhaps they wouldn't, but either way - if they hadn't actually seen Phin dropping off the presents, Soleil could firmly and coldly deny having any part in them.

Ceony, Lesalia
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