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6 1 Aug 4 2016, 06:23 AM
In: News Announcement #6
By: Capricorn

1 15 Aug 22 2016, 06:39 AM
In: Rules and Information
By: Capricorn

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12 2 Jun 4 2016, 11:37 AM
In: T'lan And Kalith
By: xvcrimsajadevx

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Cliffside weyrs
Sirocco mesa rises up from the sands; an imposing plateau of rose-hued rock warmed by the morning sun. The eastern face is pitted with numerous ledges, and it is here the dragons of Sirocco roost. The summit also serves as a useful vantage point; the highest ledges afford a view across the desert essential in spotting the approach of thread.
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6 56 Aug 27 2016, 02:27 PM
In: Out Of The Night That Cover...
By: H'aka
The summit of Sirocco mesa serves as the Weyrbowl, where herdbeasts are kept and grazed, and training takes place. It is a large, flat plateau of land topped with sparse grass and the occasional tree. Water has to be transported up to fill troughs from which the herdbeasts can drink.
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28 396 Yesterday at 10:32 pm
In: Waiting For The Sun
By: Hadwin
Hatching Sands
Sirocco's hatching grounds can be found just beneath the surface to the mesa's summit, where the rock naturally forms a wide, shallow cave filled with fine white sand. One might think the relative exposure of these sands would be detrimental to the eggs that are laid here. On the contrary, the only creatures who can reach the summit and the cave just beneath it are the dragons themselves, and so the warm, predator free environment is perfect for safe incubation of eggs. Candidates wishing to approach the grounds are transported to the summit by willing riders and their dragons.
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2 15 Jul 27 2016, 09:29 PM
In: Further Instructions
By: Leymok
The Upper Caverns
Sirocco mesa boasts a natural cave system. Here the Weyrfolk have eked out a home and shelter from the harsh desert climate. The warren of tunnels extend far underground; smooth cool walls that terminate in spacious rooms. Ongoing efforts from mining whers continually grow and expand this unseen portion of the Weyr to accommodate a steadily rising population.
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32 248 Yesterday at 11:47 pm
In: Busted
By: Osha
The Lower Caverns
Sirocco mesa boasts a natural cave system. Here the Weyrfolk have eked out a home and shelter from the harsh desert climate. The warren of tunnels extend far underground; smooth cool walls that terminate in spacious rooms. Ongoing efforts from mining whers continually grow and expand this unseen portion of the Weyr to accommodate a steadily rising population.
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51 614 Yesterday at 09:50 pm
In: Breaking Eggs
By: Daffid
The Mines
Below Sirocco mesa, the labours of whers and their handlers continue to expand the network of tunnels and caverns. In these caverns there are rich deposits of firestone, subterranean lakes, and other treasures waiting to be uncovered.
5 93 Aug 27 2016, 09:30 AM
In: Fire In The Hole [4/28]
By: Erenveret
Correspondence and Journals
Private journals, letters home, notes passed throughout the Weyr via firelizard or otherwise - all in character writing goes here
18 21 Aug 20 2016, 09:16 AM
In: A Short Letter Home
By: Gao'wyn

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Sirocco Hold
The primary Hold is approximately half a day’s ride from the Weyr Mesa. It is located at the base of sparse mountain range, over what remains of an ancient riverbed. The river has since moved underground, with the pure waters forming a series of oases that Holdless have used for quite some time. Its residents are largely Holdless, though a strong presence among many crafts has afforded this dusty trader’s town a ‘capital’ designation. It is the keystone in the network that is slowly forming to support, and be protected by, the revolutionary ideals of Sirocco Weyr.

The brightly colored tent city that had served as a Holdless encampment in the Interval has given way to stone structures better suited to Northern tastes. Still, the original culture of the Holdless inhabitants has ensured that the Hold is still brightly colored with painted shutters, stunning mosaic tiles, and an intricate architectural style as different from the sterile North as the makers can convince residents to inhabit. Up on the ridge, a large watch tower serves a dual purpose – to watch for Thread, caravans, and possible raiders, but also as a place to watch the Stars. Master Qasiim and his teachings left quite an impression on someone, and he and his students are always welcome.

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Southern Runner Hold
A secondary cothold has also sprung up in the wake of Northerners willing to eke out what existence they can in the shadow of the new Weyr. Though the residents claim to be of Keroonian stock, the shocks of red and blonde hair speak of Ruathan and possibly Telgar origins. Presently they number less than thirty, but with already established Holdless caravans constantly passing through and leaving behind pioneers in addition to trade goods, the ‘cothold’ is expected to grow explosively. Beastcrafters are numerous, which is little surprise given the wide expanse of grazing land that hugs the fringes of the Siroccan Desert. Herdbeasts and runners of Keroonian and Ruathan breeding are growing in numbers, but there is talk of Southern adapted breeds in development.

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The Seahold
A seahold, little more than a small cothold with a shaky craft affiliation, has taken root on the northern coast of the desert. The inhabitants came south seeking freedom, and they chose their location with the intent to leverage some form of protection from Thread. How remains to be seen, but the crusty sons and daughters of the sea are nothing if not stubborn – and it is hard to argue with the great big nets of tasty fish they are willing to tithe.
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The Fight For Pern
Wheel and turn
Or bleed and burn.
Fly between,
Blue and green.
Soar, dive down,
Bronze and brown
Dragonmen must fly
When Threads are in the sky.

1 0 Jan 28 2016, 05:55 PM
In: The Threadfighting System
By: Capricorn
Mating flights

1 25 Aug 15 2016, 06:21 PM
In: Erenvesk, Queen Of The Desert
By: Erenveret
The Open Air
For those writers who wish to write threadfall without using dice rolls and stats. This forum can also be for flying drills and other airborne topics.
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The Desert

14 143 Yesterday at 11:48 pm
In: Sun And Sand And Surf
By: H'aka
The Northern Continent

3 62 Apr 26 2016, 09:18 PM
In: More Than The Sum Of Her Parts
By: Caleen

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General Chat
Talk about anything in here
27 223 May 27 2016, 12:57 PM
In: The Way Of The Egg
By: squidface
Plot with other members here
41 386 Aug 24 2016, 02:18 PM
In: Zahhy's Corner
By: Mirina
All OOC events and competitions will be posted here, along with winners results.
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Help Centre
Have a question? Need answers? Here you will find the site FAQ. Members and guests can also post their questions here.
10 24 Apr 17 2016, 09:19 PM
In: Tagging A Peson
By: xvcrimsajadevx
Visitors are welcome to post their adverts here provided we can do the same!
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114 3 Aug 27 2016, 04:14 PM
In: Grief Lessons
By: hermy

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